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The Most Advanced Red Light Therapy Devices

Our Red Light panels are wider and stronger than any other devices on the market, we use only 5 watt LEDs, then concentrate the light to your body with a 30 degree beam, focusing all the energy of our lights to reach the precise areas of your body that require the most attention.

Whether it's for complete body therapy with our ultimate RJ-1K Panel or specific treatments with the RJ-GLO, you will find that we have the right product to meet your specific needs.

High-Powered Red & Near Infrared Wavelengths

All our LED panels shine with a precision-calibrated red light at 660 nm to deliver the right amount of energy to the skin, and a near-infrared light at 850 nm to penetrate under the skin and benefit your tendons, muscles and joints.

FDA Class II Red Lights

The RedJuv red light panels are approved by our manufacturer with the FDA as Class II medical devices and are suitable for relieving muscle spasms, minor muscular and articular pain, as well as soreness and rigidity caused by arthritis.