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Red Light Therapy Benefits for Skin Health

Red Light Therapy Benefits for Skin Health

If you are looking for natural skin treatment, red light therapy is a well-proven safe, and effective alternative treatment that has been proven by extensive clinical research, and used by some of leading skin care professionals across the world for treating acne, wrinkles, scars, rejuvenation and wound healing.

Do not just look for yet another anti-acne cream or topical solution to give your skin a healthy makeover. But rather, consider new ways of stimulating the functioning of skin cells that will allow your body to naturally heal itself. It may be harder than it sounds, though, as your body can be affected by a whole series of different factors.

The capacity or incapacity at which your skin cells are able to function at their optimum level may be caused by either environmentally related toxins, poor living habits, emotional stress, or a malfunction of various other bodily systems. One body system cannot be separated from another and skin depends on all other systems to supply nutrients and oxygen to your cells. These chemical reactions that we all experience are called cellular metabolism and this seamless connection is vital to our wellbeing and health.

This is where red light therapy can be the answer to cure not just the visible symptoms of skin problems, but also in addition enhance the functioning of the underlying cells.

Time and time again, red light therapy has been shown to enhance appearance, stimulate collagen, reduce inflammation, and treat acne and scarring.

In this article, we will describe the wealth of peer-reviewed clinical research on red light therapy and general skin health.

Red Light Therapy for Skin, Acne, Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Scars


Red Light Therapy operates by the emission of low levels of light wavelengths transmitted across the skin. As with sunlight, the light penetrates the outer layers of the skin (the epidermis). When exposed to the sun, your skin not only absorbs the sun's heat but also it's light. The sun's so-called "burning" ultraviolet rays can cause skin damage, including wrinkling, skin discolouration and possibly cancer.

However, there are also beneficial effects from sunlight, such as the vitamin D production, stimulation of the production of serotonin, and regulating the sleep-wake cycle through the stimulation of what is known as the pineal gland. 

Therefore, red light is a narrower, self-contained spectrum, in the range of about 600 to 700 nm, about a tiny fraction of sunlight. The biologically active infrared ranges between 700 and 1000 nm. Both these specific wavelengths of red and infrared light have purely positive properties without any known side effects or harmful elements making red light therapy a worry-free method of treatment when compared to sunlight and it's UV light that can lead to skin damage. Neither SPF creams nor wearing any protective clothing are necessary. 


In a nutshell, red light therapy provides secure, targeted wavelengths of natural light to skin and cellular tissues without chemicals, UV rays, or extreme heat. These wavelengths of red and near-infrared light boost the mitochondria of your cells similarly to natural sunlight without its negative effects, decreasing oxidative stress by increasing circulation, so the body is able to generate greater core energy to fuel itself.

Producing energy more efficiently throughout the body will enhance physical function, quicken the recovery process, and reduce inflammation and pain, as shown in numerous scientific peer-reviewed research reports. 

Studies are also showing an increase in blood flow following red light therapy, providing the tissues with more oxygen and other important nutrients for healthy repair, as well as getting rid of toxic byproducts. 

As a powerful stimulant for cell metabolism, red light therapy has a strong stimulative influence on cell metabolism, notably by improving Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) cell energies. This is a key element in cell regeneration, but as we age, the production of this crucial organic chemical compound decreases

Red light therapy increases the production of ATP in the body, in turn stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin - two elements that regulate the overall health of the skin. Red light therapy additionally sustains regular cell growth while stimulating the production of new vessels to improve blood circulation in the skin.

Accelerating the growth and rejuvenation of regular cells is essential. The more effectively skin cells are repaired, the quicker you will see a recovery from different skin disorders. [1]


In 2013, an extensive meta-analysis of the effectiveness of red light therapy on the skin found:

Wrinkles and signs of aging: Numerous studies were cited in the analysis showing how red light therapy counters the effects of aging skin. Both red light and near-infrared light appear to stimulate collagen, smooth out wrinkles, and improve skin tone for a more youthful appearance. 

Skin Rejuvenation: Studies have shown that red light is particularly effective for skin healing and regeneration, and for reducing inflammation. 

Multiple clinical trials and studies have demonstrated the beneficial properties of red light on a broad array of skin problems, from reduced pain, inflammation, and irritation to improvements in appearance. [2]


Red light therapy for the treatment of acne: Back in 2013, scientists revealed evidence from studies demonstrating that red light and near-infrared light were effective for treating acne. More specifically, they showed that red light has an impact on the production of sebum, a contributor to the development of acne, and helping its regulation.

Red light therapy for eczema and psoriasis: It is just now that we are discovering the benefits of light therapy on psoriasis. It was cited in a recent study that found "no undesirable side effects and a resolution of psoriasis" among patients unaided by conventional treatments. [3]


There is a solid track record of red light therapy to help wounds, cuts and incisions heal, and to help patients recover more quickly from surgery. One study in 2018 evaluated multiple supervised experiments on red light in relation to wound healing. Scientists found that across all experiments and research, red light therapy considerably improved the resistance to traction and the contraction of wounds, resulting in faster and improved healing outcomes in the entire body. [4]


Red light therapy is a naturally effective way to relieve pain and inflammation in all kinds of post-operative procedures, especially plastic surgery. These procedures often create a lot of inflammation that makes the healing process longer and much more painful. The natural anti-inflammatory effects of red light therapy minimizes pain and speeds up the recovery process from plastic surgery.

When researchers conducted a comprehensive review of 40 trials (12 humans,28 animals) about plastic surgery healing in 2015, they found that red light treatments improved the healing of acute wounds and also aided burn scars. [5]


Red light remains by far the preferred method of LED treatment due to its wide range of potential uses.

It's an excellent option for tightening your skin, addressing serious skin disorders, and promoting overall good health and vitality. Depending on your skin and your current goals, the full spectrum of light can benefit you immensely in many ways.

Reducing the appearance of wrinkles, rejuvenation, acne, and healing of wounds and scars is a safe and effective natural skin treatment used daily by top athletes and skin care professionals. One study after another, red light therapies improved overall appearance, strengthened collagen, reducing inflammation as well as acne and scarring.


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