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Red Light Therapy Benefits for Hair Loss

Red Light Therapy Benefits for Hair Loss

The loss of hair is a problem that affects men and women alike and can be bothersome for a few and devastating for others. Although there are prescribed drugs that may be helpful in some instances, a growing proportion of people are opting for alternative treatments that have been found highly successful in curing hair loss, most notably red light therapy.

Hair loss is among the most common consequences of aging, which affects more than half of the world's population. Over 50% of men aged over 40 are afflicted with androgenetic alopecia or frequent hair loss. 75% of women aged over 55 are also affected by alopecia.

Luckily, red light therapy provides a safe and natural alternative to prevent and reverse hair loss. Supported by a multitude of peer-reviewed clinical studies, trials, and meta-analyses.

This method not only has the ability to slowing down hair loss but also stimulating the growth of hair.

Red light therapy has been helpful to countless men and women suffering from an excess of DHT hormone, which may affect the whole body or their scalp alone.

The loss of hair is usually caused by severe stress, lack of nutritional supplements, auto-immune deficiencies, male pattern baldness, menopause, as well as the side effects of pharmaceuticals (particularly contraceptive pills).

So if you are aware of the many benefits of red light therapy and its abilities to make your hair grow back, you may wonder about a handful of factors, such as what it involves and even the likelihood that it actually works for you. The following information has been gathered to provide you with insight into this sophisticated method of hair loss treatment.

Red Light Therapy for Hair Loss Baldness, LED Therapy for Hair Growth

How Red Light Therapy Treats Hair Loss

Red light has proven to be most effective for the treatment of hair loss. To be more precise, lighting in the wavelength range of 620 nm (nanometer) to 660 nm has shown to be the most effective.

This works through increased blood flow to the scalp, thus stimulating the metabolic process in the hair follicles, resulting in the formation of more hair.

Those wavelengths of red and near-infrared light will enhance the mitochondria of your cells, similarly to natural sunlight, which reduces oxidative stress and increasing circulation, allowing the body to generate greater core energy for nourishment.

The production of energy throughout the body more effectively will improve physical functions, accelerate the healing process, as well as diminish inflammations and pain, as proven through extensive peer-reviewed research.

In addition, it also has an important stimulatory impact on the dermal papilla cells, responsible for regulating the hair cycle and hair growth.

Red light therapy uses very low heat levels and will not harm or cause burns to the skin. It is different from the kind of light we use in tanning booths, and it does not subject your skin to toxic UV rays. [1]

Red Light Therapy for Men's Hair Loss

6-month research was carried out in 2019 to examine men with pattern hair loss and shifts in protein production in dermal papilla tissues, responsible for hair growth. They received 25 minutes of red light therapy treatment approximately every day for 6 months. While investigating which proteins were upwardly regulated, they concluded that red light therapy increased hair growth and inverted the process of baldness miniaturization through improved dermal papilla cell function.

An additional investigation to determine the safety and physiological effects of red light therapy on men with baldness was carried out in 2014. In this study, forty-four men took part and had a portion of their scalp shortened to 3 mm in height. This area was tattooed and photographed. The first group received a red light treatment every two days for 16 weeks, while the second group was given a sham treatment. By the end of the study, they discovered: [2]

- A significantly increased number of hairs after treatment in the red light therapy group.
- An increase of 35% in hair growth in the red light treatment group
- Absolutely no adverse reactions or side effects have been recorded.

Red Light Therapy for Women's Hair Loss

Only a decade ago, there were limited options for women's hair loss. Over the last years, there has been more attention devoted to hair loss in women, and numerous studies and methods of treatment have emerged. Red light therapy has become one of the most tested and successful hair loss solutions for women.

In order to examine the efficiency of red light therapy for women with regular hair loss, a researcher conducting the above-mentioned research on men wanted to reproduce it for women with hair loss. The double-blind randomized experiment was carried out similarly: Forty-seven female patients had part of their scalp reduced to 3 mm in height. This area was tattooed and photographed. In one group, the red light was applied every other day for sixteen weeks, and the other group received a sham treatment. At the end of the study, scientists found that hair growth outcomes were even significantly better in women than in men:

There was significant increase in the amount of hair after treatment in women.
An increase of 37% in hair growth in the red light treatment category.
No adverse events or side effects have been reported. [3]

Red Light Therapy v.s Sham & Placebo Methods

As part of one study starting in 2018, scientists carried out a 6-month, double-blind, experiment involving red light therapy and a sham device. Involving 100 participants, they administered real red light therapy on one side of each participant's head three times a week for thirty minutes, whereas the opposite side received a sham treatment. By the end of the experiment, the ones that received the red light treatment had significantly more hair coverage than the sham side. In addition, there was a major improvement in the thickness of the hair, the amount of hair, and hair regrowth. Researchers have concluded that red light therapy is an efficient, safer, and reliable treatment for male pattern baldness. [4]

For how Long Should you Follow this Treatment?

We recommend that you commit to one to three sessions per day of ten to twenty minutes long, three to five times a week, for at least three to four months. Following the completion of this early stage of treatment, it is possible to proceed continuously on a maintenance schedule of one or two daily sessions one to four times a week.

It may take a few months of continuous exposure to the red light every day until you see major results. This is due to the naturally occurring growth process beginning at the cellular stage. Although hair cells grow rapidly, remember that loss of hair usually does not happen overnight therefore it will require time for hair to regain its natural original fullness.

How Far Away Should you be from the Device?

Optimal red light distance for virtually any therapy is four to six inches to achieve the best results. From this distance, all of the light's power will be consumed by your skin and hair follicle.

You can use the red light at a slightly greater distance, particularly if you use it only for overall health and wellness, however, for specific treatments such as hair loss, it is critical that you use all the intensity of your device. Especially when your hair is already protecting the scalp, we recommend that you keep the light close by throughout the entire session.

Recover Right from the Comfort of your Home

Red light therapy can assist in the treatment of hair loss as well as a multitude of skin conditions in the comfort your home. The most important thing is to use a high quality LED device. Low cost helmets, facial masks, or rods will not provide the necessary light intensity to have a significant healing effect.

RedJuv's red & near-infrared light combo will provide the highest quality treatment available today. As you review the specification chart of our panels, it becomes obvious that this technology delivers the highest power and the most sophisticated spectrum of all products in the industry, providing you with the best light therapy results at home. 

Are There Any Side Effects to Red Light Therapy?

As far as side effects are concerned, there are none that are considered extremely severe. In the worst-case scenario, excess use of red light therapy can cause temporary skin redness, which is different from a " sunburn that is caused by being exposed to too much ultraviolet light. It may cause minor inconvenience or a slight tightness in the skin, but this rapidly fades away, leaving all the benefits of the treatment behind.  

In 2018, as part of a study, a meta-analysis was carried out to review recent advances in nonsurgical solutions for hair loss. The researchers reviewed and compared red light therapy with other conventional treatments involving hormonal regulatory medications like finasteride and dutasteride in twenty-two studies, concluding that red light therapy was the most effective treatment. Interestingly, all of the drugs examined in this meta-analysis had harmful side effects, while red light therapy had none.

Certain hair restoring remedies can cause the growth of unwanted hair, however, this is not the case with red light therapy. Since it stimulates the natural growth processes of your body, the hair will only grow back to where it would normally grow if your body was functioning at its optimum level. [5]

When you shouldn't consider Red Light Therapy?

While red light therapy is effective for many types of hair loss ( specifically alopecia or temporary hair loss caused by hormonal disorders or illness), it is not 100% effective for all conditions. For instance, loss of hair due to chemotherapy can continue until the treatment is finished. The same is true for hair loss due to the adverse effects of other medication. Similarly, hair follicles that were damaged by injury, surgical procedures, burns, or other forms of permanent injuries are not likely to grow back.

Be sure to consult your doctor if you are subject to sudden or drastic hair loss, which can be a warning of a serious underlying disorder.

Conclusion: 100% Natural & Effective Treatment for Hair Loss

As numerous studies have shown, light therapy is a safe and effective natural treatment for male and female pattern baldness, and reliable treatment for hair loss. Study after study, treatments with red light have been shown to increase the number and thickness of hair and help people enhance both appearance and confidence. If you have experienced hair loss and treatment failure, you may want to try red light natural therapy.


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